Symbiosis School of Media & Communication

Symbiosis School of Media & Communication, Bengaluru

(Established under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956 vide Notification No. F.9 12/2001-U.3 of the Government of India)
Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade

Programs Offered

Symbiosis School of Media and Communication is an Institute started by SIU in the city known as “The Silicon Valley” of India i.e. Bengaluru. Our curriculum has created a niche in this specialized field, where we learn the practical aspects of Advertising and Public Relations which will help us professionally and personally.

Our full-time coursework, which is spread over for 2 years, creates mastery in Strategic Management, Business Administration, Marketing and Communication. This attracts the motivated and creative students from Pan-India and Abroad. We conduct final semester exams along with the internal assessment policies by incorporating theoretical lectures, hands on experience, classroom presentations, take-home assignments, sports and cultural events, various clubs, live projects and internships. This also helps our students to gain knowledge about the Industry.


Advertising, as a specialization, is focused upon imparting knowledge with respect to all aspects associated with the field. The institution aims to give 360 degree knowledge to students, and to equip them with the right intellectual ammunition to take sound decisions for their companies in the future.

As a specialization, it focuses on a varied arena of subjects such as Retail Communication, Campaign Planning, Digital Communication Solutions, Communication Design, Talent Management etc. All these subjects bring about a collective perspective, in the students, about the field and its future prospects. We believe that with the right theory and practical base, students can achieve all their targets. The approach of the institution is a proper amalgamation of practical learning and theoretical knowledge. Theory, when combined with the practical aspect, brings about the 360 degree learning that we aim for.

  • Client Servicing
  • Account Planning
  • Media Planning
  • Creative – Copy and Visual
  • Brand Management
  • Film Studies
  • Ad Making
The expertise and skills required of PR professionals include the tactical management and usage of instruments and channels for diffusion and retrieval of information.

‘Public Relations’, as a specialization, concentrates on disseminating knowledge in accordance with all spectrums associated with the field. The Institution aims at providing 360 degree knowledge to students, and to equip them with the right skills and mastery to take proper decisions for their companies and corporations in the future.

The course focuses on a diverse arena of subjects such as Strategic PR and Reputation Management, Corporate Communication, Event Management, Talent Management, Campaign Planning, Managing Public Affairs and PR Agencies etc, amongst many others. All these spectrums bring about an integrated and consolidated perspective, in the students, about the field and its future prospects.

The approach of the institution is a proper blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge because that brings about the holistic learning that we aim for.

We believe in being enthusiastic and active which makes our students learn through experience and that is brought to us by 4 Live Projects and 2 Internships, the latter comprising of the NGO and Summer Internships, which are then followed by final placements.

The NGOs that have recruited our students in the past are Salaam Bombay Foundation (Mumbai) , Make a wish (Bengaluru), Bhumi (Chennai), CRY (Bengaluru) and many more. We also prepare our students to understand corporate life and its functionalities. Our students have been recruited by Oglivy and Mather, Lowe-Lintas, Social Panga, amongst many others, in the recent past.

  • Corporate Communication
  • Event Management and Execution in P.R.
  • Crisis Communication
  • Print and Electronic Media
Media management as a specialization focuses on equipping students on optimizing various mass communication channels and technologies, marketing strategies, media economic understanding, and the knowledge of different software tools utilized in media productions. The specialization focuses on wide arena of subjects like different types of media, communication and competitive strategies, marketing models, corporate responsibility, intellectual property law, digital marketing and more. We aim to broaden horizons of our students with proper blend of conceptual knowledge and practical insights from industry speakers. During two years of MBA program students are exposed to live projects and industry internships to give them a platform of applying theoretical concepts in practical scenarios.

Media Management professionals work in:

  • Media Planning
  • Media Strategy
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Marketing for radio, print, TV or new media
  • Media administration for commercial or non-profit organizations