Symbiosis School of Media and Communication

Symbiosis School of Media and Communication, Bengaluru

(Established under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956 vide Notification No. F.9 12/2001-U.3 of the Government of India)
Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade

Student Clubs

AD Riot

The passion to make a dent in the universe through Advertising, rugged & Mobbed by thoughts and pinned by determination, Ad Riot is the place if advertising thrills you. We create, we communicate, we engage, we riot. Ad riot, the official advertising club of SSMC. The creativity within us is what drives us throughout our time at SSMC-B. Its not just one club, Its Passion!


Sports and Adventure club is officially responsible for all the sporting events and other engagement activities of Symbiosis School of Media and Communication, Bangalore. SAC also arranges inter & intra collegiate sport competitions, adventure trips and related tournaments. We motivate people to push their boundaries and outdo themselves. Burn, Live & Play is our motto. Loud Cheers from within.


SYNC is the event management club of Symbiosis School of Media and Communication, Bangalore. We at Panorama, work in sync with all the other clubs to organize the various events that bring to life our college. Our roles are very dynamic and our work palette ranges from ideation to execution. However, our favorites task is striving towards making the campus more lively and fun. Before everything begins , we begin & they say the beginning is the toughest of all!

Big Mouth

Smooth, suave and smart. The PR Club – Big Mouth has all of this and more in abundance. These young PR professionals embark on tasks of mock pitch presentations, image-building activities, organizing seminars and other related activities. They are the custodians of the Symbiosis brand.


Media relations! Is it managing your image? Is it about doing the rounds? Is it a spin? That is not how we see it! For us it is all about story and our chance to tell it out to the world as a team. We make sure that you are heard loud and clear. We are the team, the team that makes power of you meet the power of media. We are MEDIOME, the media relations cell of SSMC- B; the only club which deals with the world outside the campus and makes the world outside know our story!

Ink Slingers

We write to right the world with our insane creations. Ink slingers don’t only sling words, they create writings to give essence to the thoughts, the imagination and the creativity. This is where creativity meets its twist. This is where we end. This is where we begin. Writing is the thing we strive for and words are mightier than the sword , we put that the same to practice everyday!


The performing arts club at SSMC-B promotes the artist in you. Be it dance, music or singing, we showcase the best talent in the college. There’s more to it than just entertainment. We restlessly work towards integrating our cultural heritage. AURA, a club that is alive. A club that breathes life into the mundane routine of MBA.The Club that brings cheers and smiles to you ! Confidence Talent uploaded!


A reflection of real life in the theatre club of SSMC – B. Emotions, expression and human life are our inspiration. A portrayal of the unsaid through the actors and scriptwriters in us, PRATIBIMB shows that unseen. We show you the other side beneath that skin , we show you , You!


Quizza is the official quiz club of SSMC –B, where the intelligent thrive. It’s a matter of mental warfare, a revolution, a matter of intellectual pride. Come, “free” your mind.

Third Eye

The creative souls and shutterbugs are on the loose. The Club is all over the Campus with no corner and no camera technique left untouched. From advanced learning sessions to actual practical units, from hand-made posters to print ad designs, the Club is always active and clicking away. Get clicked , a photograph speaks a thousand words.

Soul Sparsh

Soul Sparsh is the Corporate Social Responsibility club of SSMC-B and has been structured to support any of its members who are passionately devoted to incite change in society. With three successful blood donation drives on campus in hardly two years since its inception, team Soul Sparsh is always ready to take up new initiatives in different spheres, to make society more liveable and sustainable. It’s the small changes that make the big difference and Soul Sparsh is that one small change. Be kind whenever possible , its always possible.


We start conversations, create communities, impact change and serve as the virtual extension of the institute’s real efforts. We click, like, share & break the façade over the college walls , we strive everyday to make sure you get to know what happens behind the walls of SSMC-B. We are the Netizens, the social media club, and the future.